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Support and Resistance Telugu - Hi Friends welcome to Trading Panthulu Channel.
As i Explained in my Earlier Video, How to Draw Support and Resistance Lines in Chart, and how to find support and Resistance in Live Markets.

Here in this video you will come to know how support Breaks and How Resistance Breaks in Telugu.

You need to Watch my Previous Video and than only watch this for Better Understanding.

Most of the you-tubers don't say where exactly Stocks Break Support and resistance. You can cross check.

Im here to teach you things....Only your role is to Practice and implement those in live market.

Hope this brings you profits in Live Markets.

Please find the Previous Video link here :


You will find all educational videos in Playlist, I Request everyone to go check our playlist and Practice on it , You will able to learn all "Technical Analysis, and Technical Indicators in Stock market.

Hope this Video helped you and stay Tune for further Videos, we are Trying to make this Channel as best "Stock Market Telugu Channel".

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