LOCK DOWN 5.0 Telugu short film || Directed by vasu


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Lock Down 5.0 is the story of an ordinary teenager who is tested positive for covid19. He feels very sad and upset for putting his friends and his family in danger as they were also tested positive along with him.He tries to remember the reason for his disease as he came to know that he was exposed to the covid19 14 days ago. At the end he will loose one of his friend due to corona later finds the reason for there disease.

As it's my second short film i still has a lot more to learn. There are some mistakes i made in the above short film even i can sense them i will definitely correct those mistakes in my upcoming short films and the cool thing is i didn't repeated the mistakes i made in my first short film instead i have made some new ones as i told u earlier i will correct these mistakes in my upcoming short films THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Both the short film and the Description for more interesting short films subscribe to our channel hit the bell icon and also follow our channel page in instagram
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Story,Screenplay,Direction,Editing :
Instagram :https://instagram.com/vasu._mv?igshid...

Comedy dialogues by :
Instagram : https://instagram.com/nameiskrishna?igshid=knnkmcs2t99w

Lead role :
Mr. K.Vamsi Krishna
instagram : https://instagram.com/vamsi.shan?igsh...

Father character :
Mr. V.Anand kumar

Best friend character :
Mr. CH.shiva srinivas

second friend character :
Mr. K.Ganesh

BADAYI BABU character by :
Mr. B.Sai kishore

Background music from
FesliyanStudios Background Music

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